[] Zoom, ZoomX, NoScroll, Zoom Indicator and ServerCross

Presenting your attention the realization of the ideas of additional features for comfortable playing in WoT.


zoom mod

Image 34

ServerCross (additional server sight v2)

Zoom Mod (Commander’s camera)
Seclusion camera in the arcade (normal) and strategic (Arty) modes. It is used in different ways.
The configuration file: gui / avatar_input_handler.xml

ZoomX (Multi-sniper mode)
In the sniper default mode is defined only three positions approximation.
The modification increases the number of positions to 10.
The configuration file gui / ZoomX.xml

Zoom Indicator (indicator of multiplicity zoom in sniper mode)
In the sniper mode displays the current zoom ratio.

NoScroll (Disabling the change of regime “mouse wheel”)

Package “All in One” (with default settings without ServerCross)


NoScroll  (76 KB)

6 Replies to “[] Zoom, ZoomX, NoScroll, Zoom Indicator and ServerCross”

  1. Can you fix sniper zoom ?
    Sniper zoom can’t back to first steps zoom (x2) when release shift back from binocular always remember last steps zoom before .

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