[9.10] Max Zoomout. Sniper Zoom. ARTY Zoom. By Kriegstreibers

This Mod allows you 1000m zoom out in normal sight, 1500m in Arty sight and 4 zoom steps in sniper mode (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x).

MaxZoomOuT Arcade:

MaxZoomOuT Arcade



2x Zoom Sniper

2x Zoom Sniper

4x Zoom Sniper

4x Zoom Sniper

8x Zoom Sniper

8x Zoom Sniper

16x Zoom Sniper

16x Zoom Sniper


How to install:

Download and unzip the archive.
Folder res_mods Copy and paste the folder …\World_of_Tanks \


zoom-modx-X2 – X128  (50 Kb)

12 thoughts on “[9.10] Max Zoomout. Sniper Zoom. ARTY Zoom. By Kriegstreibers”

  1. Black says:

    Thanks for mod.

    this mod can not work on the 8.5

    Pls you must update this mod for 8.5

  2. BlackWhirlwind says:

    illegal mod

    1. Skully says:

      no its not. if any thang is an iligal mad its the weak spot mod. but thats is stiff fair game

  3. bombs says:

    It does not work in version 0.8.6. Super Mod version 0.8.5 thank yo

  4. Azur says:

    NOT WORK 0.8.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bobmarley34 says:

    you aare nobbbbbbssssss delet W.O.T pls ..how too work in mood 8.6 thi is for 9.5 idiots

    1. Doesn'tCare says:

      You idiot :DDDDD Watch when they wrote those commenst haha

    2. Frankie says:

      No, you are noob. Just read when they left their comments and shut up.

  6. Burrito says:

    Is this 100% legal?

  7. thats bullshit says:

    Do not download here, everything is fake, that retarted admin just renames the files to the actual version of the game, to lure you to his website.

  8. lauris says:

    Houw to use arty mod please help mee???

  9. khouran says:

    The 9.7 version have a problem (The MaxZoomOut arcade and arty don’t work)

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