Zombies to Swarm World of Tanks & World of Warplanes


Wargaming, the leading free-to-play MMO developer and publisher, is pleased to announce that it’s smashing hit World of Tanks and the highly anticipated World of Warplanes will soon be crowded with brand new PvE characters…zombies!


2 thoughts on “Zombies to Swarm World of Tanks & World of Warplanes”

  1. eisen1973 says:

    dont do this abomination please. This game is so unique, dont spoil it with zombies. It’s good to come up with new stuffs like maps, game modes, and so on. But WOT is like chess, the board is the same, the pieces are the same, yet everybattle is different, and bringing “new” stuffs wont keep the game competitive or keep the good players. I play chess since age 6 and keep playing it at age 40, why? cause i like THAT game. It does not need anything new.

    1. kp says:

      oh stop whining. WOT isnt a tank sim, it’s a game.

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