YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session statistics For WoT 1.6.0


This mod makes the message after the fight – colored. There are three versions of this mod. You can download any. This mod has won great popularity on the Russian forum.




Download mod and extract to your ‘World of Tanks’ folder.


Full & Lite (YasenKrasen + Session Statistics) |SoloReborn|:




  • 1.6.0 will be soon

56 thoughts on “YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session statistics For WoT 1.6.0”

  1. oly91 says:

    HI! I love this mod but could you tell me what to modify so every game chat should start on my team? Too many times I forgot about that and I said my strategy to enemy team….That option to remember chat recipient isn’t good cause I allways said GG to both teams. Thanks for this mod.

    1. pan.piotrus.pan says:

      Check DamagePanel mods – I’ve had first on this list (http://games-bot.eu/world-of-tanks/166-world-of-tanks-damage-panel.html) and he was (doesnt work in 8.4 atm) changing two things:
      – writing order (always (after enter) team/all/platoon)
      – font

  2. Alex Ionut says:

    I have a problem at the statistics for amunition,repair and total it only shows the first number example : i got -17000 auto-repair -7000 for amunition and total + 3000 it shows
    and its no even correct why?

    1. Duca_ says:

      yeah, I have same problem, :
      ( Victory!
      Prokhorovka Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1:07:59 PM
      : 4,116 ( x2) 54,343
      Battle Achievements Patrol Duty, Scout, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: “1st Class”

      Repairs: -7 
      Ammunition: -34 
      Total: 13  )

      And at the and average stats also simular like this:
      (Wins/Battles: 1 (1) (100%)
      Exp: 4 (4)
      Exp (x1): 2 (2)
      Credits: 13 (13/0)

      Help us please, I think this problem was solved in some patch before with editing some file and place decimals…I dont know… :\

    2. Duca_ says:

      Yo man, go to flash folder, open ,,ServiceChannelPage.xml“ search for ,,“ and in the middle have ,,space“ replace this with “,“ . Try now. 😉

  3. Duca_ says:

    Yo man, go to flash folder, open ,,ServiceChannelPage.xml“ search for ,,“ and in the middle have ,,space“ replace this (space) with “,“ .Try now. 😀

    1. Duca_ says:

      open in notepad and search for SeparatorGroupsOfDigits is missing

  4. s7y says:

    it is not working on 0.8.7

    1. s7y says:

      it is workig my mistake 🙂

  5. maako says:

    how can i reset session statistics?

  6. George Anzelon says:

    The CameraNodes.pyc file in this mod causes the game to lock up in the garage if you click on a tank without a crew in it. Don’t know why, Took me a long time to figure it out.

  7. baron says:

    is this work 9.0 ?

  8. polar bear says:

    work’s T/Y

  9. bargetzi says:

    Bonjour est il possible de mettre le yasenkrasen en Français svp merci

  10. Delpheric says:

    Bonjour !! version en francais ?

  11. Zvedak says:

    I had version, where stats were reseted every day in the morning. How can i set it in this version?

    1. Tachikoma says:

      Not sure if you still need this, but in order to activate the daily reset of the statistics you need to edit the stat_config.json file under /res_mods/0.x.x/scripts/client/mods and change the option “dailyAutoReset” from false to true.

      You can also set the hour when the reset occurs using the option “dailyAutoResetHour”

      1. Stray says:

        I’ve been looking for this info for some time now.

  12. db04669 says:

    Version 9.6 will work with 9.7 update.

  13. Snowhard says:

    it makes my game english

    1. leo says:

      tengo el mismo problema. El juego pone todas las opciones en ingles, quisiera poner alguna de las versiones completas y que no se me cambie el idioma del juego, solo la versión mini no me cambia el idioma del juego.

  14. ioan says:

    when we can have session statistic for 0.9.12?
    hope soon

  15. UPDATE 9.12 says:

    UPDATE to 9.12 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. TurtleDawg says:

    Hey, how is it that i can only download one thing is there a download for the vanilla mod like in previous patches?

  17. Daniel says:

    when you update the mod ? i really need him (0.9.13)

    1. bit24 says:

      When you update the 9.13 mode? It is very useful 🙂 Thanks!

  18. bit24 says:

    When you put new way YasenKrasen 9.14 WOT?

  19. Gamisou says:

    My summary stats have this around the WN8 number ({{dXWN8}}) can that be fixed?

  20. nhl 17 says:

    Basically needed to stress I am grateful I happened onto your web page!.
    nhl 17 http://www.freeartists.net/forums/topic/602/nhl-17-coins-the-twenty-nhl/view/post_id/627

  21. Moji says:

    u put in v2 twuiice and no v3

    1. Mirtis4ver says:

      Hi, lowe mod for statistics, but it stuck quite often. Today played over 40 games, statistics shows only 9 🙁

  22. Peter says:

    I’m using YasenKrasen session statistics installed with Aslains mocpack.
    I just played 2 battles, a crappy one, and a monster.
    There is the 2 battles.
    And then here is the session statistics:

    I can be mistaken, but I’m quite sure the average WN8 between those 2 battles is: (1.741+37.257)/2=19.499 but according to the session statistics, my average WN8 for this day so far, is 6.862. I would believe that’s a bug. But maybe you made it like this for a reason, in that case please explain.

    Thank you for this awesome mod!

  23. Per-Arne Johansson says:
    Jävla bluff

  24. SirPudd says:

    I’ve not been able to get YK Session Stats working in 9.17.1 yet. Anyone else have any luck getting it working?

    1. Dragon10449 says:

      im not getting it to work either. Im not sure if i did a bad install or if its just not working

  25. Bugy says:

    yea i have problem to on…i put it in folders and restart game and nothing happend

  26. LED says:

    Didn’t work. But this works: https://tanksmod.com/statistics-pack/. Even for

  27. Maik Gamradt says:

    There is the mod also in German

  28. Furyan_ST says:

    Lots of downloads now for patch 9.18 but no clear description on what is what.

  29. Furyan_ST says:

    Backgrounds V_1, V_2, V_4, V_5, what are these????? I would like to use in-game messages but not 1 of these updates specifically says that. Love this mod but you really need to update the download names so they actually match what is being displayed in the images provided because at present they do not.

  30. Furyan_ST says:

    For update just copied and pasted from 9.19 folder to if anyone is interested

  31. cata197CM says:

    Thx man

    1. Furyan_ST says:

      Your welcome man, worked again for

  32. rolex says:

    hi just tried installing the current 0.19.1 session stats. i can get the battle results message ok the the session stats in the notification do not show up. there are so many different versions now that i’m not sure what goes where any more. any chance of a file patch and explanation where they go please

  33. Furyan_ST says:

    I copied and pasted again for patch and still works the way i want it if anyone interested. Still need to update the description here whoever is updating it. Where has version 1,2 and 3 gone? What is the Core and Mini version about?? This is such a great mod and i feel you are letting it down by not doing this.

  34. Charles says:

    Does anyone have the fonts for this session stats?

  35. Skybox1981 says:

    https://dropmefiles.com/IfV7Y pack cheats – installation by one file!

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