[1.4.0] XVM Updater 2.9 — Automatic installation/update XVM

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It’s finally happened. Many people were waiting when there was a program to automatically install the XVM. Not all have the expertise to properly install the mod, which is very helpful in the fight. The same program can be used to upgrade to the latest version XVM.


Features XVM Updater:

  • Automatic installation folder detection.
  • Old XVM configuration file backup.
  • Last XVM version & tests support.
  • XVM Updater features ready-to-use configurations without win chances by default.


  1. Download and run
  2. Choose the correct version of XVM
  3. click the Install / Update


XVM_Updater (783 Kb)

5 thoughts on “[1.4.0] XVM Updater 2.9 — Automatic installation/update XVM”

  1. ushiri says:

    Does not work… it complains that something is missing that this is not the whole mod… dont understand it.. and there is no help section ;(

  2. djshark says:

    with me works. thx guys

  3. you people must get your kicks out of making people waste their time, i came looking for a xvm installer and all i got was this god damn worthless RAR file!. hey asshole most of the people coming here are windowsw user’s and cant use a rar file maybe you forgot to tell people that this file is good for linux/unix user’s, what ever happened you need to fix this cause your really pissing people off to the point of saying fuck wot and go find something else to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. Cory says:

      What are you talking about?! Windows can use RAR files. Go get WinRAR for free.

  4. Jole says:

    I instal updater but looks like nothing on it,here is some picture
    is it me or something else?
    ps;good work anw keep it coming

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