XVM Full 7.8.4 mod for 1.5.0


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How to enable XVM statistics?

The file res_mods \ xvm \ configs \ rating.xc change the value of “showPlayersStatistics” to true

What’s new in XVM 7.8.4?

    • World of Tanks 1.5.0, micropatch 03.05.2019
    • Various bugs fixed
  • [HANGAR]
    • fixed “autoReloadConfig” option
    • fixed battle results window appearance
  • [MISC]
    • added new option:
    • “tweaks/allowMultipleWotInstances”: allows to run 2+ WoT clients


Download XVM 7.8.5 or XVM 7.8.5 Installer (6 MB) file and copy it to the root directory of the game

2. Register at http://www.modxvm.com/en/ every 14 days

Please note: in XVM 5.0.0 and higher you should NOT use xvm-stat.exe. If you want to see statistics you should just turn it on in your configuration.

109 Replies to “XVM Full 7.8.4 mod for 1.5.0”

      1. Really? If you don’t know how to change that in the configs you either; shouldn’t be using this mod or are an idiot yourself!
        They work hard and bring you this mod and you whine about a statistic ‘you’ think should be different.

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      5. Florin, sorry but U are an idiot (don’t talk about that to others) – that setting U can change Urself at “options” on the xvm website where U have to log in every twoo weeks U MORON!

    1. si dokan fonctionne tu va sur ton dossier dokan tu fait un clic droit tu clic sur propri?t? ensuite tu va sur compatibilit? apr?s tu as mode de compatibilit? tu coche la case et tu choisi xindows 7 et tu clic en bas appliquer et ok et apr?s tu relance et sa doit fonctionner moi sa fonctionne a+

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      1. na starám pc sem to měl taky,sem ted koupil novej a prozměnu se mi to restartuje,ale bez xvm je vše ok…nechápu a dost mě to sere

  1. when i wanna play a battle the game stays at the pre load battle screen and I dont get into the battlefield. The game does go on, because i can see the people gettting grey in the list when they get killed. When the game is over I ll return into my garage.
    Besides it s very annoying for the other players that I m idle, it s not good for my stats either 🙂
    When I disable the XVM mod, all works fine. But I want to play with XVM.
    Anyone has a solution?
    I m running under Windows 7 32bit. Former version I had no problem at all.

    1. I deleted one of the mod, which was a zoom out mod if not mistaken. If you delete that one, you will get in the game.

  2. Is it possible to turn on victory prediction in percentage? And what’s with the new efficiency with two digits? I mean, is it possible to display old four-digit WN6 eff instead of the two-digit one?

  3. Like others mentioned i got stuck too at the battle screen without getting further into the battle. XVM disabled and everything works. Please consider an overhaul.

    1. … i have to add something: XVM as the only mod installed works fine. But: the moment i have installed one other mod (Crosshair) the game stops at the battle loading screen. Any ideas on that?

  4. This is the error i get,
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 XVM Stat v1.5.0.40823 for XVM 4.0.0+
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [D] MountPoint: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm\.xvmfs
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [D] Unmount previous mount
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [D] Create MountPoint directory
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [D] Creating server thread
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [D] Starting server thread
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [D] Dokan thread: Starting main loop
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [i] Timeout: 10000, MountPoint: res_mods\xvm\.xvmfs
    2013.06.26 20:13:06 [i] Game Region: US (detected)
    2013.06.26 20:13:07 [i] Time: 646 ms, Size: 22 bytes
    2013.06.26 20:13:07 [D] responseFromServer: {“id”:1,”status”:”ok”}
    2013.06.26 20:13:08 [D] Dokan thread is alive
    2013.06.26 20:13:08 [i] Starting game process: WorldOfTanks.exe
    2013.06.26 20:13:09 [D] Check game process
    2013.06.26 20:13:10 [D] wotProcess:
    File: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WorldOfTanks.exe
    OriginalFilename: WorldOfTanks.exe
    FileVersion: 0, 8, 6, 0
    FileDescription: World of Tanks
    Product: WorldOfTanks
    ProductVersion: 0, 8, 6, 0
    Debug: False
    Patched: False
    PreRelease: False
    PrivateBuild: False
    SpecialBuild: False
    Language: English (Australia)
    2013.06.26 20:13:10 [D] Wait for process to exit
    2013.06.26 20:13:18 [i] [L:000] xvm-> [ “gameloading” ]
    2013.06.26 20:13:18 [i] [L:001] LoadFiles: [‘xvm.xc’]
    2013.06.26 20:13:18 [i] [L:002] LoadFiles: [‘XVM.xvmconf’]
    2013.06.26 20:13:18 [i] [L:003] Error loading config file ‘xvm.xc’: file is missing: XVM.xvmconf
    2013.06.26 20:13:18 [i] => @GET_VERSION
    2013.06.26 20:13:18 [D] _result: US
    2013.06.26 20:13:18 [i] [L:004] Config: Loaded (GameLoadingForm.as)

  5. I think there is small bug in Color Blind mode (upper icons and signs above tanks are red and not blue anymore). Strangely, contours seem OK.

  6. when i click the mediafire links, its says
    The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

  7. euhm, pls make an effort and post in a lingo we all can understand, this NOT being my native language as most of you do…

    have win 8 (yes, hate it as well) x64, says cant install, cause its only supports xp/vista win7 and win8 ? (FFS)?

  8. Copy xvm folder on WOT folder, create a new folder “xvm-stat-1.6.1”, and copy files, use your older “xvm.xc”, and copy it in xvm folder, I haven’t problem

  9. when i use the XVM Mod the Vehicle Icons (by RaSeven) are mirrored?! i was already in the sirmax.xc config file and it was already changed to false (“mirroredVehicleIcons”: false,). I changed it to “true” too but nothing changed… can someone help me?

  10. Ok guys (sry my english its little shit ) xvm here its ok . Now configuration :
    World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm\configs\@Default\rating.xc (we little changed rating.xc)
    Rating.xc now must look like this :
    * Options for player statistics (only with xvm-stat).
    * Блок управлением статистикой (только с xvm-stat).
    “rating”: {
    // true – Toggle player statistics on/off. Global setting – without the statistics module, this is always disabled.
    // true – включить отображение статистики. Глобальный переключатель – без него модуль статистики будет везде отключен.
    “showPlayersStatistics”: true,
    // true – Enable statistics in the user info window.
    // true – включить отображение статистики в достижениях пользователя.
    “enableUserInfoStatistics”: true,
    // true – Enable statistics in the company window.
    // true – включить отображение статистики при наборе роты.
    “enableCompanyStatistics”: true,
    // true – Enable downloading of data on opponents in the “fog of war”.
    // true – включить загрузку данных по противникам в “тумане войны”.
    “loadEnemyStatsInFogOfWar”: true,
    // true – Enable saving statistics to “xvm-stat.log” file.
    // true – включить сохранение статистики в файл “xvm-stat.log”.
    “enableStatisticsLog”: false
    In my WoT work very nice .
    Polish Russian friendship

  11. It’s just a first test… relax ok? They’ll come up with an improved version soon…
    Try playing the game without any help for a change… 90% of the players DON’T use it.

  12. If do something do good or not do. XVM with efficiency not wn8 and winrate and don’t put blod names pf player. Only idiots make xvm like this

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  14. idk what im doing wrong here but for whatever reason I can’t get this addon to work ive tried it many times and done all these steps to get it to work but nothing changes in the game. so im doing something wrong or someone isn’t explaining things right. no addons on this site or any other site work for me for world of Tanks

  15. How do I set XVM up to so I can see stats? I know enough to get into trouble so please let me know so I do not screw it up.


    1. you have to go to the xvm official website and use your wargaming account (if i remember correctly) once you log in there should be a bar at the top of the page with options in it, one should say activate account (as i said, if i remember correctly)

  16. Hi, does anyone know why autologin option doesn’t work, even though it’s enabled in config file? And do you know why I have on capture bar while it is captured behind word BASE I get {0}. How to delete it?

  17. Każdy spośród nas zetknął się z problemem, doradzam zapoznanie
    się z materiałem. Place zabaw dla dzieci

  18. I have a quick question,i have XVM mod pack installed.

    NOw i wanna bring up XVM configpanel where i can disable and enable ‘mods’.

    I tried to fin it but no luch.Can someone pls tell me how reconfig XVM settings pls?

    Thx 🙂

  19. Guys need help!!
    I had installed latest xvm for the patch 9.9 and extracted the files to res_mod folder. After activating xvm in the website I havnt still got it activated in the game.
    Please guide me

    1. Both links to download xvm are to an exe file. Wasn’t the first supposed to be a ZIP file? I prefer not to use an installer as I have more control over the process.

  20. I want to change the normal dead markers to show the tank type. But if I change the file from

    / Block of text fields.
    // Блок текстовых полей.
    “textFields”: []


    // Block of text fields.
    // Блок текстовых полей.
    “textFields”: [
    ${ “def.tankName” } ]

    XVM gives up & reverts to it’s basic defaults (even in the hangar). How do I do this?

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  23. Hello, I have a problem with changing my SixthSense audio to a custom one. When I run WoT in safe mode (without mods) the custom sound works just right. But when I run WoT with mods, instead of my sound it plays some other one (it’s none of the basic ones).
    Anyway, I put sixthSense.mp3 in audioww file and as long as I run WoT in safe mode, it works just fine, so I guess that XVM is the problem here. Also, besides XVM I have two mods: SafeShot and Jimbo’s Crosshairs.

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