It’s time to introduce you to the work of my new friend, our colleague from Germany _Kriegstreiber_. This is a new sound mod, to be more precise about the three modes:
3. WWII Historical War Ambience

A little movie to showcase

WWIIHWA Turret Traverse Sounds Preview:


From the folder «res / audio» copy all the files, insert «res_mods / xxx / audio»
“Audio” folder from the downloaded archive copy to the … \ World_of_Tanks \ res mods \ audio, agreeing to replace the file.
folder “scripts” from the downloaded archive copy to the … \ World_of_Tanks \ res mods



53 Replies to “WWIIHWA GUNSOUNDS REAL SURROUND (6.1) for [0.9.20]”

  1. hallo “kriegstreiber?
    super arbeit, welche *.rar beinhaltet die deutschen kommentare, die ich im video h?re.

    ansonsten weiter so !

  2. Hallo Kriegstreiber !

    Echt tolle Sounds ! Weiter so !

    Aber irgendwas passt mit der Weiterleitung nicht ! Sobald ich im Downloadpool bin und die Gunsounds ([0.8.5]WWIIHWA_Guns_5.1_v_1.031_3D_SURROUND.rar ) anklicke, komme ich weiter, wo es nicht mehr das komplette Packet gibts, sondern jeder Sound extra zum downloaden w?re, und nicht mal das w?rde gehen.

    W?re echt toll, wenn das wieder funktionieren w?rde !

    Danke !


  3. An die, die es noch nicht wissen sollten: Kriegstreiber hat sich aufgrund pers?nlicher Probleme aus diesem Projekt und WoT zur?ckgezogen. Es wird von ihm keine Anpassungen an 0.8.6 oder anderes geben. – Vielleicht findet sich jemand, der seine gro?artige Arbeit fortsetzen m?chte.

  4. Sounds are great man BUT in 8.6 all works ok except when being hit, splashed, dinged or whatsoever there is no sound at all :X

  5. I have same issue as aCiD, no sounds for being hit, or crew description of the hits that I do on enemy.. I love the realistic engine and gun sounds but can’t have it with no audible hit indication on my tank

  6. Your installation instructions are pretty confusing. Please use complete sentences and explain a little more clearly please.

  7. ambiente needs to be up to date because it does not work. Do something please with that great sound mod which i was using before. thanks

  8. new links dont work either , or its just me … When i press on that grey download icon on the left, nothing happens, page just reloads.

  9. I want to play this but the script files are making my pc puke. They seam to be in Chinese or have a bunch of random crap in them and Have no set format like the ones from other sound mods. I got the engine mod working and like that but i want to hear the sounds for the guns and each time i copy the scripts to my mod folder it crashes back to desktop…..

  10. This mods are not for 0.8.9…this mods signed for 0.8.8…the only one who´s for 0.8.9 is the Enginesound…but he doesn´t work for Marder T38…the uploaded mods are useless for 0.8.9 so dont install them cause they don´t work either!

  11. Warum hör ich die gun Sounds von anderen aber nicht von meinem Panzer nur wenn ich rein zoom? Why i cant hear my gun sound but the sound of the other tanks? I only hear it if i zoom in? Pls help 🙂

  12. Hi. First i must say I just LOVE this mod ! PLEASE Get it to WORK on 8.11 I need it !!! Gnomefather mod sucks big time compared to this !

    Thx !!! And please HURRY !!!!!

  13. For turret sounds, it would be fine to allow to disable it when NOT in sniper mode. In arcade mode, the turret always turn and I find a bit ‘irritating” to always listen this sound. Only in sniper mode is enough I think.

  14. This is a brilliant mod! Makes playing the WoT much more fun.

    One suggestion, though: would it be possible to have volume control, to set outside/inside sounds separately? For example, I think that the sounds of other tanks’ engines and tracks are much too loud in comparison to my own engine & tracks, so I would prefer to turn external sounds down and my own sounds up.

  15. Need to make a version (tank engine mod) for stereo speaker setup, as still your tank sounds much quieter than the surrounding tanks.
    Interestingly though, when you have died and are in post-mortem mode watching your team mates, the engine sounds are much more balanced?
    I’ve tried adjusting all the volume sliders, but your tanks engine volume and the other tank’s are all lumped together in the ‘engine’ slider.
    Please fix as Gnomefathers engine mod sounds fantastic, and has the right balance, but takes up way too much system memory.

  16. hi, i noticed that when im driving, the sounds are, just like wide_load comments on, are out of balance. for instance, the voice mod is hardly hearable over hte sound of your engines, even when the voice volume is all the way up, and engines and effects are only at 10%, even then the voice is only slightly hearable. could this be fixed please? thx in advance.

  17. I have the same issue as sollitude. The engine and gun noises are much higher than all other sounds, making in-game voices almost un-hearable. Turning donw vehicle sounds and effects lower engine noise and gun sounds, but turret traverse and track clatter does not seem to be tied to any sound slider and still overpower voice.
    Other than that, great sounds really like them, much better than those WG put in

  18. Hello. I really like your modification but it changes voices of every nation in game, its possible to change only german crev voices by your modification and have other? (Hear in battle french, russian etc.)
    Greetings 🙂

  19. Verified! All parts work in 9.10 except the gun sounds. The scripts in the gun sounds package v3.12 need updating. They crash the game on loading.

  20. I was recommended this website by means of my cousin. I am now not certain whether this publish is written via him as no one else recognize such distinctive about my difficulty.
    You’re amazing! Thank you!

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