Wotspeak v1 – forbidden modpack for WOT v6.1

Forbidden modpack Wotspeak is one of the most popular cheat modpacks. Here you can find all you need for high-quality and effective battle. From smart autoaim that will do all important work for you and end enemy’s recharge timer.

Modpack has legal and cheat modification, so modpack is forbidden by developers. If you used this assembly you can get ban. Be careful do not lay out replays from battles and screenshots from the game.

Date of updateJanuary 29th, 2020
Actual for the patch1.7.1
Current version03
Size 123 MB

The big advantage of modpack is smart installer that will give information of player about interest modification.



There are such mods in modpack:

  • X-rays (removes all leaves, trees, hills, or other objects which enclose your opponent)
  • Mod Shade revenge on the enemy glare
  • Mod enemies markers: red, orange, blue, green
  • Mod Allied markers
  • Laser pointer. Pointer will show the direction of  enemy’s sight.
  • Mod, which will display a mini map of fallen trees and other damage or change. You will always
  • know place even not glare enemy
  • 4 variants of the smart autoaim. Autoaim, which will calculate the weaknesses of the enemy.
  • Mod enemy’s time recharge. Knowing this information you  without any risk can deliver a crushing blow to the enemy
  • A lot of useful official mods


Download, run the installer and continue to follow the instructions.


Wotspeak ModPack ver.6.1.exe  (142.14 Mb) will be soon

21 thoughts on “Wotspeak v1 – forbidden modpack for WOT v6.1”

  1. Darlan03 says:

    I am with the following problem in modpack my self is aimbot shooting on the floor I can do to solve?

    1. Thingy says:

      Take your aimbot and **** off out the game, we dont need cheats playing.

      1. someone says:

        you’re totally right, I sent a ticket to WG

  2. ibrahimali says:

    I can not install the Defense Ministry requested an audio file that is not on the computer, what should I do so that I can prove Saudi Ministry of Defense Please advise me

  3. bla says:

    WTF. Cheats modpack how sick i am to go on your site knowing you spread those shits.
    Games ruled by cheaters kids.

  4. sdgzsdh says:

    noo work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BobJoePie says:

    yall know their addin sweeden

  6. Lynne says:

    How do I get the options to select in English please? thank you

  7. Oscar says:

    This is BULLSHIT modpack has errors and will not let me select anything

    1. Tad Baldwin says:

      getting the same results

  8. digmon says:

    Dosen’t fucking work at all…….don’t download it

  9. PurplePeopleEater says:

    I’d just like to see this is English, also the target leading needs to be improved greatly. Or it just doesn’t work.

  10. PurplePeopleEater says:

    All you idiots just don’t get it do ya. These are mods that the devs use. Wargaming.net is behind all of this get on board or just stop whining!

  11. Fuck You says:

    Go fuck yourself you halfbreed mother fucker…..

  12. I tried to install the mod pack; but, it slows my game play down to a crawl. I uninstalled it. Thanks, though.

  13. stevo says:

    I have the latest WOT running but these new mods are not compatible until 9.18 come out

  14. Tazz says:

    just to piss You guys off just got an question were do You report an player in game that uses cheat mods ?

  15. Mr B says:

    You shitheads are ruining the game and costing me money, Gits

  16. GeeMod Fan says:

    Why is GeeMod missing on this Page?


  17. John jacobs says:

    This has a crytpo autominer built in, enjoy making them money with your computer.

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