[9.18] WOT Tank Viewer

WOT Tank Viewer – a program for viewing 3D models of tanks in World of tanks 0.9.18.

On this page, you can always download the latest version of WOT Tank Viewer for World of tanks 0.9.18. The program has a fairly useful functionality. Tank Viewer allows you to see the skins on the vulnerable places to be installed in the client; Examine the appearance of the of the tank that you are planning to buy; etc.

Author: rextimmy

More screenshots:


garage damaged collision camo armor centurion


WOT-Tank-Viewer(16 Mb)

10 Replies to “[9.18] WOT Tank Viewer”

  1. It doesnt work under 0.9.12.
    I compared the garages.cfg; resource.cfg with older Version that worked under 0.9.10 and there is no difference. The Garage cant be loaded under 0.9.12.
    I am curious why you posting this as a working version.

    greetings Scorp8015

  2. Looks as though this program is a tool of the past 🙁 Anyone know of another program out there that you can view your tanks in for skinning tanks ? Loved this one but it really looks like a dead duck now as there seems to be nothing being done to update it or at least something to say it’s being looked at.

  3. Hello Guys! I have searched the depths of the internet and i have found the dll files and everything I have gotten it to work on windows 10 but I need some help setting it up. willing to exchange knowledge.

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