WOT Statistics V for 8.10

WOT Statistics will allow you to monitor your progress in World Of Tanks. It will show you detailed information regarding your statistics. You can easily see which area’s you need to focus on to make improvements in your game.

tankinfo killcounts tanks Overall 3 2 1

WOT Statistics will update after every battle showing you the results. It also has a built in efficiency calculator which updates after every game.

The application supports FTP uploads, which means that clans leaders/commanders can track their players stats after every battle. Updated for WOT V8.10


Download WOT Statistics (23 Mb)

3 thoughts on “WOT Statistics V for 8.10”

  1. Defcon5 says:

    Is this the real deal? cause was the latest version i downloaded, so……

  2. Tyblitz says:

    The download link is broken

  3. Andera Barnet says:

    Thanks for the great post keep up the amazing work.

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