[9.9] WoT Model Editor v26

The program WoT Model Editor, for editing and creating models of the game. With it, you can change the hangar, a new model of the tank, etc.




The program can work with the following file formats: *. OBJ and *. FBX. Possible to export and import.

The program currently in beta testing.


WoT_Model_Editor_B26 (6.7 Mb)

10 thoughts on “[9.9] WoT Model Editor v26”

  1. Kobold says:

    Let?lt?ttem a programot de nem tudom megnyitni a primitves f?jlt. Hiba: Nem tal?lhat? a k?vetkez? el?r?si ?t r?sze.:”C/wot_temp/innerxml.xml”

    I downloaded the program but I can not open the file Primitives. Error: Unable to find the path of: “. C / wot_temp / innerxml.xml”


  2. neo-b says:

    have the same error message… unable to find the path of c:\wot_temp\InnerXml.xml .
    any solution for this please?

    1. Kobold says:

      Should be installed in a autodesk 3ds max

  3. kwoninae says:

    Hi. It’s not working at 0.9.5 ver.

    After I have edited my own tank in 3d maxs and I do “write Primitive”, WOT game can read that edited file.
    Ps. I use this tool several month ago without any problem. I think It needs upgrade Isn’t it?

  4. WwW says:

    Hi. It’s working.
    Please try create a folder named “wot_temp” on the C drive .
    ( Sorry I’m poor at English. )

  5. Crasher says:

    “Could not find a part of the path C:\wot_temp\InnerXml.xml.”

    I shouldn’t have to create my own temporary directory on my C:\ drive. lol. That’s ridiculous.

  6. Shame says:

    Completely broken.
    Plz don’t release the thing if it’s not done yet.

  7. Michael says:

    ok won’t open the .primitive files..
    Actually there .primitive_processed, now on the extension..


  8. TurenKarn says:

    it wont open the primitives as they have done a fix to stop us loading them in. as they are now named differently. and they have changed there zip format for WOW also all there packages show as corrupt for me. with the latest versions of WOT 9.15 and latest versions of WOW. so waiting for the update for this very handy tool. but if you have older versions of the above game then you can still use it to get the models for them. i had to downlaod and old version of WOW to get the models out. and will have to do the same with WOT im also using version vb29.1 of the wot modeler

  9. nokis231 says:


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