WOT AnTiNooB MoDPack v28 for [9.16]

The Modpackage of AnTiNooB mods for World ofTanks 0.9.16. Collected the most fun, important and useful modes.


The MoD Pack includes:

– Server-sight (from version 5.4)
– Fixed bugs and crashes
– Config v0.9.16
– Minimalistic sight
– Detailed statistics after fight
– Removed splash when entering the game
– Autoland Crew
– Color mailbox
– Remote Camera
– The maximum visibility
– “Dzynk” if damaged module
– The sound will light up when the enemy
– White corpses
– Easy combat interface (panel damage, etc.)
– Showing the damage done to the enemy
– Display of number of enemies that captures the base
– The signature of tanks on the minimap
– Radius glare of your tank on the map
– A detailed description of the skills and abilities
– New, improved OTM
– Camouflage
– Sauron is watching you! (Now he is also talking)
– A notable indicator of the direction from which received damage.
– Sessional Statistics
– Removed the darkness in the sniper crosshairs
– Improved map
– Watch and calculator in the hangar
– Icons clans
– Slightly improved panel shells
– Show enemies lighted (in the ears)
– Deer during the login to the game (to brighten up a little wait) (You can disable deleting the file in the folder waiting.swf res_mods/0.9.16/giu/scaleform)
– Added full XVM (installation as simple as possible, all present in the archive), IMPERconfig v726.
And as a small detail and refinement to the stability of the game)
WARNING!!! Before you install the MoD Pack, clean the folder res_mods!



AnTiNooB-All-Mods – v28 (119 мB)

14 thoughts on “WOT AnTiNooB MoDPack v28 for [9.16]”

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  2. yel says:

    cant download its a russian.can you translate it in english?thanks

  3. karikas says:

    Hi all , you can advise before we download this pack is in russian… i dont understand nothing of this pack …

  4. fubar says:

    luv this pack only problem is that it is for a russian server so all in game features are russian…is it available for a european servers ???

  5. demiens says:

    just delete text folder in res mod and no rus anymore

  6. Woger says:

    Got several virus warnings on the exe file in V23.0L !

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