World of Tanks. Update 9.19

It seems that patch 9.18 has just released, but some information about patch 9.19 is already known. In the video below we suggest you read more about the future update and its innovations. Such as:
– Ranked battles
– New combat missions
– New tanks on the super test
– Improved interface
– Some changes with technical characteristics of tanks
– And much more. See the video below for more details.

One thought on “World of Tanks. Update 9.19”

  1. Jos Vroon / PanzerBitterbal says:

    I got redirected to a Russian site for the download without the option to switch to English
    That made it hard. I did install however but also the account creation was in Russian.
    Now I don’t know if I did the proper actions to register at the test server.
    Can you check?

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