World of Tanks 9.20. Rebalance Maus, IS-7, Buffed + more (video)

Hello, tankers! Today we will see more news about update 9.20, which most likely is going to be one huge rebalancing match, because the developers have already covered the changes to the Japanese heavy tanks,  French medium tanks, changes from tier 8 French CDs  are doing to get 122-millimeter auto loader gun and the gang stats and diminishing size.

Magazines size is going to be bigger terrified here so from tier 8 to tier 1 where we have for 155 at the moment that is going to change its name to the AMX 50b if I remember correctly with 120-millimeter boomstick that has a lot of clip damage potential but if you would  like to know more about all those changes, go check out video below.

In this video, the author is going to talk about huge rework/rebalancing in patch 9.20. In this episode, the author is going to focus on next Soviet Russian tanks: heavy tanks, medium tanks.

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