World of tanks 8.9. Released


The World of tanks 0.8.9 will go live on RU server on 29.10. and on EU server on 30.10.2013. No data on NA server, sorry.

Please keep in mind that after 8.9, you will NOT be able to sell the Super Pershing for gold anymore, so if you forgot, do it now.

Download World of tanks 0.8.9 (EU): (514 Mb) (5.7 Gb) Torrent link

3 thoughts on “World of tanks 8.9. Released”

  1. Th3biaze says:

    Hey nice news but the picture of the Tank with the text is made by me and you are not allowed to use it without credits.
    You can use the Pic but you have credit that link:
    If you dont do that i get in contact with your hoster.
    If you have any question about that message me on Youtube:

    1. ScootD says:

      Don’t expect to be taken serious if your going to post a copyright issue in the comment section

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