World of Tanks 1.0. Gameplay trailer

You have not seen such “Tanks” yet. Such emotions for a long time did not test. In such battles have not been. New engine. New sound. New maps. Steeper than the first time! All of it about World of Tanks 1.0 which will in March 2018.

Hey guys here is video from quickie baby about WOT 1.0

We get to find out what the plans are for world of tanks in 2018 and it looks like we finally have a
the release date for what we’re calling HD maps but wargaming is now calling it World of Tanks 1.0.
Also, we’ve got in our game new graphics, it looks amazing redesigned.
Release date ladies and gentlemen for the HD maps wargaming have committed to March 2018.

One thought on “World of Tanks 1.0. Gameplay trailer”

  1. Mike says:

    The company name looks like EnCore to me, so that Batman letter is a capital E. I was thinking of asking what rig quickybaby plays, thanks for that info. I play on a hand me down laptop HP Pavilion with Core I7, first gen probably. Also curious as to your monitor(s) which you mention
    being 4K, but the question is, is WoT playable in a triple monitor sim-type setup?

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