Warhammer Modpack – mods from the Clan Blood Ravens for World of Tanks

Installing modpack from the Blood Ravens, each gamer guarantees a more attractive and unique recreation process, which you can enjoy at any time of the day. The assembly of mods in the style of Warhammer is not only convenient in the installation process, as indicated by the installer with a nice design and a lot of hints about installing a particular configuration, but also directly on the battlefield.

After reading the name of the topic, it’s not hard to guess that all the modifications in the assembly are made in the style of Warhammer. The creator tried to maximize the use of his skills and the presence in the game of the ability to improve in order to help gamers enjoy every detail.

The assembly contains a large number of artillery, sniper and arcade sights, there is the possibility to change the game voice, panel damage, log damage, panel display modules of the machine, light sixth sense, hangar type, display after combat statistics in the hangar, XVM, personal indicators during battle and much more.


Warhammer Modpack (513 MB)

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