Voice Siegfried from Strategic Music for WoT

Funny voice from popular Strategic Music Studio for World of Tanks

Strategic Music again surprised tankers their product. Guys presented  German voice which called Siegfried. First of all we want to note the quality of mod. Special was invited military consultant to monitor the correct phrases and expressions replicas. Secondly assembly is unusual because there are new phrases, commands and humorous dialogue between the crew. Thirdly players will be able to remember and practice your German language.

Important! After installing modyou can not to hear other nations because everything will be in German. Here is video with mod. Enjoy watching.


Voice Siegfried from Strategic Music (20 MB)

One thought on “Voice Siegfried from Strategic Music for WoT”

  1. Nicolas says:

    YAY!!!!!! finally i think it was forgotten
    thank for update this mod 😀

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