Kaeptn’s UI 6 [User interface] & XVM – 07.03.2014

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Complete WoT interface overhaul in all sections to display additional infos and improve your gameplay. easy installation for casual players, fully customizable for advanced user through xml config files.


reload timers for all crosshairs
exact hp display for all crosshairs
splash radius for SPG
shell travel time for SPG
angle display for SPG + TD
simplified contour icon set
wN6 rating supported
minimap with vision range, direction and tank names
damage panel centralised and parts removed to free up screen space
detailed hitlog
new radial menu with customizable messages (aka: chat macros)
improved battle/account statistics
hangar clean up
sound and new icon for “sixth sense”
lots of small fixes and tweaks


How to install:

copy / paste the res (sounds) and res_mods (ui / xvm) folder from the zip to your world of tanks folder.
Install the fonts in the folder res_mods / font


Download User interface (27 Mb)

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