Update WoT 8.10. Released. What’s new.


Dear players, the following World of Tanks Update Version 8.10 adds to the game a lot of different innovations. So, roughly in the middle of December to update 8.10 will be a new branch of the Japanese tanks

Light tanks:

Renault Otsu (Tier I)
Type 95 Ha-Go (Tier II);
Type 98 Ke-Ni (Tier III);
Type 5 Ke-Ho (Tier IV).

Medium tanks:

Chi-Ni (Tier II);
Type 97 Chi-Ha (Tier III);
Type 1 Chi-He (Tier IV);
Type 3 Chi-Nu (Tier V);
Type 4 Chi-To (Tier VI);
Type 5 Chi-Ri (Tier VII);
STA-1 (Tier VIII);
Type 61 (Tier IX);
STB-1 (105) (Tier X).

Japanese Tank Tree:

2 new Soviet medium tanks:

Object 430 Variant II, Tier IX
Object 430, Tier X

2 new premium tanks:

Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai – Japanese premium tank  (Tier V)
‘Type 64’ – Chinese premium light tank (Tier VI)

Added new Japanese map “Hidden Village”.


Image 6 Type 98 Ke-Ni 1 Image 4 Image 3 Type 95 Ha-Go Image 9 Image 8 Image 10 Image 11


One thought on “Update WoT 8.10. Released. What’s new.”

  1. Coree Frasemer says:

    Detachable items on the tank? Will that get in the way of penetrating the tank? And will the 8.10 MM please be a bit more friendly, ESPECIALLY toward lower tier? Because it’s already hard penetrating Tier 5 heavies, and tanks like the A-20 and Pz. 38 Na get into tier 9 battles as a scout and there is no way in hell those things can scout. 8.9 MM just didn’t seem fare to people trying to grind up to something.

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