Update 9.3. All the details. Released

Hello commanders!
In this article you will learn all about the upcoming 0.9.3 update.


This patch will delight us with a few new tanks:

Image 40 Image 41 Image 42
M41 Walker Bulldog
T-54 “Light”

Image 38 Image 39
Spähpanzer RU 251

Image 44

Image 43

Also, developers remake old tanks in HD:

Image 29

M3 Lee

Image 34

M5 Stuart

Image 30
M24 Chaffee

m24 m24 1
KV-1S divided into two tanks:

Image 37
KV-85 (Tier 6) and KV-1S (Tier 5)

Screenshots of the new tanks are located here: https://tanksmod.com/new-model-hd-tanks-in-9-3-update/

The developers changed the interface of the hangar, now it has become more stylish and modern.

Image 59

11 new awards and medals

Spotter Demolition Expert Fighter

In addition, the map has been redone “Murovanka”

There are new video effects “destruction of the tank”

The new system, which was created to deal with unsportsmanlike behavior.

Download the test client installer

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