Update 9.21. Release date

Today we will answer the main question: when will take place the release of the last update for WOT in 2017. Updates under version 9.21. According to our sources, the latest patch will be released very soon, literally next week on December 12th for the RU region and on December 13th for the EU.

Well, now let’s remember what is interesting for us in this patch:

  • large changes in the parameters of some weapons. Tanks, which previously had flaws in their parameters, now reduce the spread of weapons and timing of intelligence, increased armor penetration and increased booking tower.
  • Add three new heavy tanks for the French branch, where the top car will be AMX M4 mle. 54
  •  changes in the “General Battles” mode
  • For all types of battle, strips are displayed in the sidebar commands
  • Perhaps the main novelty of this update will be the replacement of one of the British tanks FV215b (183) by a new premium tank FV217 Badger. If you have in the hangar FV215b (183), be sure to save it and you will receive for free absolutely new, improved weapons. In the new tank, you expect the maximum accuracy of the shot, rapid reduction, rapid maneuverability of individual parts of the tank, good armor. Perhaps the only drawback of this tank is its engine: not too powerful and fast.

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