Update 9.20.1 for World of Tanks

Hello! Today we became aware of the preliminary information about the new patch under version 9.20.1. The date of release of the new update, as well as the planned changes in this patch, you will learn in this article.
Regarding for release update 9.20.1. Below we propose to familiarize ourselves with specific dates related to the new patch:

The first common test for patch 9.20.1September 21st
The second common test for patch 9.20.1October 5th
Release patch 9.20.1middle October

Well, now the proposed changes and innovations

One of the main innovations of the future patch, we can note the processing of a branch of British heavy tanks. For example, the British heavy tank FV215b will be replaced by the Super Conqueror. If at the time of the update you had FV215b in the hangar, then you can safely count on replacing the tank.

This way you will acquire a new Super Conqueror. The crew will be fully retrained for the new
tank. As for experience, camouflage, inscriptions, emblems – all this will be transferred to the Super Conqueror. The additional gun and shells that were previously installed on the FV215b will now be moved to the warehouse. Thus, the British branch will improve and the game process for the 8-10 level will become more acceptable.

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