Update 9.19.1. Innovations and changes

The following update for World of Tanks As we learned this update will start very soon, the exact date is not yet known. But we have information about the changes that will be implemented in this update.

 What to expect in update 9.19.1:

  • Updated and improved balancer

As the developers say in the update 9.19.1 they will again return to the recent innovation – the balancer. So, now the players can waiting for an updated and improved balance. First, the developers adjusted the criteria for different classes. Now, both teams will be more balanced due to a new system of selecting tanks by type. In the new update, the teams will be carefully selected according to the type of equipment. For example, if top of one team is average tank, then the balancer will also select the middle tank. So these teams will be better balanced in number of type tanks in top.

  • A large number of tanks will be reworked in HD quality

Recycled tanks in HD
– SU-8
-M3 Easy
-M4A3E8 Sherman
-M36 Jackson
-AMX 13 F3 AM
-AMX 105 AM mle. 47
-AMX 105 AM mle. 50
-Lorraine 39L AM
-Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
-Universal Carrier 2-pdr
-Churchill Gun Carrier

  • Artillery changes

Firstly, the artillery sight is updated, now it will be much easier and more comfortable to use. The arty can again be taken to the team, but not more than one unit.  Change interface of the marker of sight and receiving the Gora medal is improved. Also, now the damage to the stunned target will be taken into account to calculate the marks on the gun.

  •  Changes to the top-end tanks of the Chinese branch
  • Added Polish tank

Add an average level VI tank Pudel

  • New training mode

In the new patch, a new “Training polygon” mode will appear. “Training ground” – will be a substitute for the already existing “Battle training”. Now the new player will be able to learn all the rules and skills of the game in a new mode.

  • The female voice of some nations is finalized

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