Update 9.18. Release date

From reliable sources, we known about date of new update  9.18 . I’m sure all players have long been in anticipation and waiting for a new patch. This update has serious innovations and long-awaited changes. Of the special changes we want to note the  each player problem with balance. The balancer is the topic that was raised every time on the players’ forums. But we hasten to please you at last the developers listened to the needs and requirements of the players and decided to remove this problem.

Update 9.18

In update 9.18, this problem will be solved with the help of a new algorithm developed by the developers. The new system will select tanks into battle by new criteria. The choice of tanks in the battle will now be much honest. The characteristic of many tanks will also change.

The main question remains – when do we expect this large-scale update? As sources say, this update will be very soon. Or rather, in April. Previously, all the patches first came out in the RU-region, since it was the largest, and then spread to the European, American and Asian regions. This time the situation will be somewhat different.

Initially, the patch starts in the North American region and it will be the next Tuesday, April 18th. And then players of RU-region will be able to evaluate it. This is done in order to check how the patch will pass, and then to make it public for a large region. This action is one-off. Then the situation with the release of patches will be the same.

Release date of update 9.18:

– The release date on the EU – April 18th
– Released on RU – April 26-27th
– Released on Asia – May 4th

2 thoughts on “Update 9.18. Release date”

  1. Matej says:

    It is April 18th and still 9.17.1.

    1. wajjs says:

      Release date of NA update: April 18.
      Release date for the EU/RU update : 26-27 April (night).
      Estimated ASIA release: 4 May


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