Update 9.17.1. Modern battle interface

Recently developers organized a survey in which the players were asked to share their ideas about optimize the battle interface and make it better. In new update 9.17.1, you can see the first changes.

Now the battle interface is more informative and useful to the player. In new patch tankers will receive detailed information about the damage and obtained through the new indicators in combat. Damage panel will inform gamers about:
– Number of received damage
– Critical hits
– Type of shells
– The name of the tank that was shoot on you
РType of tank who was shot on you
– Changes the tapes of combat effectiveness: the number of received and inflicted damage, type of damage, the name of the enemy machines that shoot at you. Changed the design and appearance of the efficiency of the tapes.



There will be three types of damage display:

– small
– average
– big
By default, these indicators of damage will be disabled. If you want to turn them on Рselect the appropriate option in the settings menu. Also there you can select the information you need and disable unnecessary, disable the information about damage, move the damage panel display in the upper part of the combat interface.

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