Update 9.16. The Second Common Test.

September 22nd became available the Second Common Test for patch 9.16. To learn more about any changes and download the client of a Second Commonl Test – you can in this article.

Firstly, to participate in testing may be players who signed up in the game  before  August 29 2016. But due to the large number of wishing to quickly pass test for new patch  formed queue.  To pass the test you must wait for their turn. Next, download a special installer, and run a test version 9.16_test2.

And now about the innovations and changes in the update 9.16:


– Fixed 15 mini maps

– Enter the first Swedish tank VI level Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2.

– Re-map “Paris” is introduced

– Changes with the battle chat

– Ability to compare the features of several tanks in the hangar

– Adds a new mods in  game

– Numerous changes with the sounds of the game

– Carousel tanks in two rows

– New models of tanks in HD

– Improved detection technology

– and others


Second Common Test2

2 thoughts on “Update 9.16. The Second Common Test.”

  1. leonard williams says:

    why is it that after 2 weeks of being able to user the test server 9.16 i have not been able to login and have lost all my vehicles and rankings

  2. petr says:

    test server má poruchu nejde se přihlasit woteu CT je offline

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