Update 9.16. Common Test.

Tankers! For download already available common test update 9.16.

Here you can download the common test patch 9.16, which will be released in September, the exact date is still unknown.

What players await in the new update:


– Added a carousel function in 2 rows
– Disabled battle chat, except for training
– Reworked and updated map Paris
– 21 tanks in HD
– Added the ability to compare several characteristics of the tanks in the hangar
– Added a premium Swedish tank.
– Add function remote recovery equipment and crew in the game client
– New mini-maps
– Processed more than 30 mini maps
– Introduced popular mods and modifications in the game
– Changes with battle interface: added feedback
– Now the camouflage network will affect the performance characteristics of the tank
– Numerous changes with sounds

Download the installer (4 MB)

3 thoughts on “Update 9.16. Common Test.”

  1. Hollow_Pointe says:

    Removing Battle chat is long overdue. It really doesn’t affect the game all that much. In 29000 battles, I can remember one ( 1 ) , and only one time it was used to good ends. Most of the time it’s simply an outlet for haters and ragers who take the game way too personally. I see too many new or inexperienced players get ganged up on by the more pretentious players who think because their name is green, blue, or purple can dictate how others play. Well done WG!

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