Update 9.15.1. Release date

Finally we have known release date new update 9.15.1.

Tankers! I have no doubt that you have been waiting for a new update for World of Tanks. Update version 9.15.1, as we have learned from reliable sources will be released very soon, July 19th. In the new update tankers will have following changes:

– Lorraine 40t tank will be replaced by Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP
– New style maps “Prokhorovka”, “cliff”, “Ensk” and “El Haluf”
– New performance characteristics for ISU-130
– New sounds in the game: sounds of glare and the death enemy
and others


4 thoughts on “Update 9.15.1. Release date”

  1. david says:

    well it’s July 19th and no update why do use continue to talk sh– so again use are wrong why lie really I don’t get it ?

  2. dasda says:

    fucking gayss,stop lie people!!

  3. david says:

    well it’s the 20th still no update lol use are good at this eh think you need to stop getting info from your source 2 patches wrong twice nice .

    1. Dan says:

      21st and Still no update

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