Update 9.14. General test release

Friends! Today was started general test of  new and  long-awaited update 9.14 for World of Tanks. Update in which there will be a number of innovations, a large number of improvements and a lot of changes.

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Today, 11 th February has became available test for update 9.14. Here  you can download it

. This patch will bring us a lot of interesting changes  among are:

– The new physics.
Now there will be a new visual effects in the collision of your tank with the enemy, the coup, the management of the tank,  slip and slide also

–  Sound update
Launched a new audio engine Audiokinetic Wwise also there will refining  sounds of: gunfire and recharge tools, penetration, tracers, voice engines of tanks change, and “bell crit” will revive (informing you about your damage to the enemy).

– Attack Machine
Added 6 tanks for Supertesters:

Soviet heavy tank VIII level “Kirovets-1”;
American medium tank VIII level T25 Pilot Number 1;
French medium tank IX level Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP;
German light tank VII level leKpz M 41 90 mm;
British medium tank VI level  Sentinel AC IE2 / IV;
German tank destroyer X Level  Grille 15.

24 tanks models in HD-quality
Worked out some tanks models

– The rest of improvements

The rest of improvements including such as modified map  “Sacred Valley”, added the map”Paris” in mode “Fight to the last”, refined customization, the game was added to the Belarusian, Ukrainian and Kazakh languages.

Here is the a review-video  update 9.14


General Test (4 Mb)

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  1. Muresan Vlad says:

    Romanian language ,never ?

    1. adryandoc says:

      romanian language pleez

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