Update 9.10. All the datails

Hi everyone,

The work on Update 9.10 has been going at full speed. 9.10 will bring the Japanese heavy tanks, useful for new players, map availability according to vehicle tier, and a new special event – Rampage. Even before update 9.10, the new Global Map will be released.

We’ll tell you all about the most important changes right now.

The new branch of Japanese heavy tanks makes a bold statement.

Image 001

Image 007

Nine vehicles have rolled off the production line and are ready for field testing.

Image 022 Image 021

These new tanks are very original. They are huge  and angular.

Image 009 Image 008

They are also quite slow but have strong frontal armor and powerful guns.

Image 010

The maps Pear River and Hidden Village have been temporerily removed from Random Battles.

Image 012 Image 011

The Redshire map remains, but has been reworked to reduce the number of draws.

Image 013

Another new feature is a system of tired map availability: the higher the tier of your vehicle, the more maps are available to you.

We’ve taken steps to make things simpler for new players. Several useful features have been created specifically for them. The first is the game mini-client. It’s less than 3 Gigabytes but it’s a fully playable version of World of Tanks.

 Image 015 Image 014

Second, we’ve added a Garage Tutorial to help newcomers understand the basics. Finally, there’s a new loading screen.

Image 017

Image 016

 Now you’ll be presented with more useful pieces of advice and tips while you wait for a battle.

9.10 present players with a new special event – Rampage.

Image 003

During this event, you will be able to choose from two battle options: Domination or Steel Hunt.

Image 018 Image 019 Image 020

In Domination, two teams of either 10 or 15 players will battle it out. In Steel Hunt, several teams of between one and three players will face off. There are no special vehicles this time. Now you will fight these battles in your own vehicles but you’ll still be able to repair you vehicles in the middle of the fight, and switch vehicles when you are destroyed. These battles promise to be very dynamic and exciting.

The exact list of features coming in Update 9.10 won’t be determined until we analyze more statistics and player feedback.

However, you can already try 9.10 on the Public Test server. If you want to help improve the game, take part in our testing.

Lastly, we have some important information for clan players. The new Global Map will be released before Update 9.10 is out.

Image 025 Image 024 Image 023 Image 004

Now you can won’t need to have top-tier vehicles in your Garage to fight on the GlobalMap.

Image 005

From the Beta Test, three battle formats will be available: the 7 vs 7 format for Tier VI vehicles, the 10 vs 10 format for Tier VIII vehicles, and the familiar 15 vs 15 format for Tier X vehicles.

Image 006

The number of provinces has also increased. This will make capturing one of them much eaiser. So, put your skills to the test on the Global Map. That’s all for now. Good Luck on the battlefield!

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