Update 0.9.7. All the details in a single article


As you probably know the general test update 0.9.7 is already out and download it you can on our website by clicking on this link.


As the test runs, we learned all the innovations and changes that will occur in patch 0.9.7 compared to 0.9.6.

What’s new in 0.9.7 update?
We expect a new, large, historical map “Overlord”.

Image 020 Image 019 Image 018 Image 017 Image 015
The changes affected also map “Live Oaks.” The map has been improved in terms of gameplay.

Image 021
Also, do not go unnoticed 4 maps: “Karelia”, “Westfield”, “El Halluf”, “Airfield”, they have been improved effects.

Some maps have been improved visual objects and their destruction.

Now let’s move to a new branch of French tanks.

List of new French tanks:

tech_tree 9.7

FCM 36 – LT Tier 2
Renault R35 – LT Tier 2
Somua S35 – MT Tier 3
SARL 42 – MT Tier 4
Renault G1 – MT Tier 5
AMX 30 1er prototype – MT Tier 9
AMX 30 B – 10 Tier MT

Image 009 Image 005 Image 022

In addition, have been reworked in HD following tanks:

Image 003 Image 004 Image 001 Image 002
E 100
Jagdpanzer E 100
Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H
T26E4 SuperPershing.

Review of almost all the artillery has been reduced.

Game chat has also been improved:
Updated all smiles
Now you can leave notes for players who have your list of contacts.

Added attribute ‘chat is blocked. ”

Improved mode “Tank Company Battle.” Now, it is possible to create a permanent team and play with it against similar teams.

Image 010 Image 011 Image 013 Image 014

Other changes:

Fixed a significant number of “errors” of the game client.

Redesigned the mapping traces hits in the tank and the tank penetrations.

Reworked some of the effects shells hit in game objects.
Fixed text description of some personal combat missions.
Fixed some minor interface flaws.
Fixed effect “motion blur”.
Fixed some issues when playing records battle.

Update Test 0.9.7 is already out. You can download it here:


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