Dear, tankers!

On June 2nd, was released a new update of version

This micro patch is associated with fixes of a number of bugs that have arisen:

  • Windows of combat tasks
  • Error with the selection of battles (relevant for screens with a small resolution)
  • Problem with text in rank battles
  • Some technical problems


In connection with the release of this update, the mods installation folder has been changed. Now you need to rename the WOT \ res_mods \ \ folders to WOT \ res_mods \ \

List of popular and updated mods

Aslain modpack


As we learned from reliable sources, in the next week there will be another micro update, which will fix the problem with the inability to change the size of the chat window. Also, the lock of the tower will be returned with the right mouse button when changing the auto-aim key.

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