Update 0.8.9. Released. What’s new.


Hello to all players. Today you will learn what is new in the 0.8.9 update, which will be released in late October (early November).

New features in 0.8.9 update:
— The new Tank Destroyers:


Marder 38T or Marder III, a top gun 75mm PaK 40/3, Tier 4


marder 3-zmarder 3
Pz.Sfl.IVc, a top gun 88mm FlaK 41 L/74, Tier 5


Nashorn, a top gun 88mm PaK 43 L/71, Tier 6

Pz.Sfl.V or Sturer Emil, a top gun 128mm Kanone 40, Tier 7


shturer emil-zshturer emil
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager, a top gun 150mm L/29, 5, Tier 8


rhm. borsik waffentrager-zrhm. borsik waffentrager
Waffentrager auf Pz. IV, a top gun 150mm PaK L/38, Tier 9

waffentrager-auf pz iv -zwaffentrager-auf pz iv
Waffentrager E-100, a top gun with automatic loader 150mm L/38, Tier 10


— Premiumnyh tanks:
Japanese Premium tanks chinokay
Premium Soviet medium tank T-44-85
China Premium Light Tank Type 64

— Maps:

New map of “North West”
At stake is “Erlenberg” will be added mode “Encounter Battle”.

— Modes:

The new regime “team battle”:
– The maximum length of a battle is 10 minutes
– Battles are of the standard type
– Each team can pick vehicles no higher than tier VIII, and point costs of no more than 42. For example, tier I vehicles cost 1 point, tier II costs 2 points, and so on
– A standard team consists of 7 players. Teams which consist of 5 or 6 players are permitted to participate; however, for each missing player, the team will lose 1 point


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