Transparent panel damage for world of tanks 0.9.15


Often it is not easy when the panel damage takes place. Therefore it was decided to make it more compact and transparent. And there was a transparent panel of damage to world of tanks  0.9.15 with the log caused by your loss. Authors: Bionick + Frant



copy the folder gui in WOT/res_mods/0.9.15 /


Damage Panel by Bionick(0.4 Mb)

4 thoughts on “Transparent panel damage for world of tanks 0.9.15”

  1. lyue-dong says:

    what’s the video on scope mod and attack direction?

  2. NalkeeTV says:

    What’s that crosshair that you’re using?

  3. alex_1133_1 says:

    plis daj moda za dar mo

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