The sight with recharge time for World of Tanks 0.9.16

Sight is one of the main and most important elements in the battle, so in scopes category you will find so many different styles and features sights. Today, in the spaces of the Internet we found a simple but useful sight from the author n0rdi and Andre_V.

First of all we want to note that this mod will display the remaining charge time in sight. It is very convenient that you will know how much time you need to sit in ambush and when to strike back. Secondly, there are represented a large number of central markers in sight. It will be able to choose any form and the appropriate color.

Do not forget to choose a separate arcade and sniper sight. On the screenshot below options are possible markers.

3 (1)

shot_263 shot_262 shot_261


The sight with recharge time  (1 MB)

One thought on “The sight with recharge time for World of Tanks 0.9.16”

  1. reXern says:

    it doest show me my magazine capacity, something i done wrong?

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