TheRepoMan Mod Pack for 8.10

The Repo Man Mod Pack for 8.10, by TheRepoMan. In this assembly mods included:

– Arcade View

Arcade View

“Arty” Mode:

Arty Mode


Battle Load Screen loading_zpsccbf735a

Sniper Mode Jimbo
Sniper Mode

– Garage Skin

MaxFarplane Mod


YasenKrasen Coloured Messages
Radial Menu Mod
GnomeFather’s Gun Sounds Mod
Wide Borders Mod

Top Gear Voice Pack


installed here: Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.10\


Mod Pack for 8.10  (625 MB)

2 thoughts on “TheRepoMan Mod Pack for 8.10”

  1. kunawaro says:

    WOW. I was using:
    – AUmexh 3% textures
    – Millbarge effects remover
    – Game booster
    – 800×600 textures

    And i gained 15 fps for a total of 25 fps

    Now with this pack i gained 10 fps more!!! NOW I HAVE 40FPS

    This is what i was searching for!!!!

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