The numbering squares on minimap for World of Tanks

Today we offer 2 interesting mods. Firstly mod will be numbered squares on the mini map by big letters. Thus, it will be easier to orient the area and report the localization for your allies. If you have any clan or team battle and you want to report allies about your location, you only have  to a little delay the camera up and write a specific letters. Thus, you save precious time.

Secondly in the archive, you’ll find another mod. Mod wide  borders of the map. Now you can not miss map limits as they are bright purple color with wide lines. Fully legal and official mod from aviva24 author.


1429085715_shot_006 1429085634_shot_007 1429085670_shot_008 1429085627_shot_004


The numbering squares  on minimap (17 MB)

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