The new hangar “Halloween” for 0.9.4 by Wargaming and BYBY3EJIA


Present you variation created by the developers of the hangar Wargaming for the holiday “Halloween” .


Hangar will create the real atmosphere of Halloween in your hangar.

Hangar just adds all of these attributes in your current hangar. Compatible with the base and hangar premiumnyh

More screenshots:

shot_026 shot_025



How to install:

Download and unzip for this path: WoT / res_mods / game version /


The new hangar “Halloween” (10 Mb)

One thought on “The new hangar “Halloween” for 0.9.4 by Wargaming and BYBY3EJIA”

  1. venom286 says:

    ok uh I got the hanger to work but do you guys have audio for the hanger ?

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