[0.9.16] The indicator of direction glare enemy in a circle

Very useful and necessary mod. An analogue of this mod can be called the nearest enemy mod for WOT 0.9.16, but today’s mod is different from it. What is the difference between mod we will try to explain now.

Firstly when there is an active fight player simply can not to monitor changes in the mine map. In such instances, our mod will be useful. With the help of the indicator mod shows the direction where  enemy was glare and also in sight. If the sensor will change from white to blue – you need to escape. The enemy is too close and you quickly need to take action.

Secondly  sight will allow you to quickly make a shot and not at random, but certainly knowing that there was a glare. The difference between the mods is that mod enemies’s direction indicator  will inform you only about the next opponent, and  indicator of direction glare enemy in a circle – the direction of all objectives.

If desired, the player can activate the functions displayed direction guns of enemies and allies on the mini-map. By default, this feature is disabled, but you can set it yourself in the configuration file:
WOT \ res_mods \ 0.9.16 \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod_spot_indicator.json.

3 (4)

2 (5) 1 (10)


The indicator of direction glare enemy (1 MB)

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