The crosshair Mjolnir “Hammer of Thor” for WOT 1.4.1

Here is useful and convenient sight Mjolnir  or more known as “Hammer of Thor” .

On our site you will find a large selection of useful, functional, standard and unusual sights for a WOT adapted to version 1.4.1

Today we present the sight Mjolnir Hammer of Thor. The sight has a convenient range of information and number of advantages that will be visible on your screen:

  • Health Points
  •  Recharge time
  •  zoom
  •  Distance to target
  • The amount of your projectiles
  •  The enemy reloading time
  • The name of enemy and its combat vehicle in which you aim

All this information will help you to do a lot of damage to your opponent. Work sight you can see in the screenshots below.


13 12 11


Pritsel Mjolnir(500 KB)

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