[1.0.1] The calculator of effectiveness in battle: WN8, EFF, XWN8, XEFF, COEF, DIFF, DAMAGE

Here is a mod which will be able to control your efficiency during the battle for the team.

Among the huge numbers of mods for the World of tanks, there is one of the most popular mod,  XVM mod. XVM mod shows the player effectiveness for the team.

Today we bring you a modification with the help of which you are able to control your efficiency. Mod displays useful information:
– Indication of the average damage in this tank on the server
– The amount of damage caused
– A number of accurate hits during the battle
– The amount of damage
– Displays rated efficiency and WN8
– A list of your damaged tanks

There are  9 options to choose from. Depending on the information you need.
Before the battle will appear minus number of damage on the screen,  this number means the amount of damage that you have to apply to get a moderate damage on the server. Good luck in the fight.


InBattle WN8 Calculator (4 MB)

19 thoughts on “[1.0.1] The calculator of effectiveness in battle: WN8, EFF, XWN8, XEFF, COEF, DIFF, DAMAGE”

  1. djdesco says:

    how to install?

    1. Zarece says:

      once you downloaded the file, you have to copy and paste the file that’s inside the file (0.9.18) after that enjoy

      1. flo says:

        how i choose the option ?

    2. aoaue says:

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      Thank you.

  2. josh says:

    in what Placement???

    1. Gandorfo says:

      Your WoT Game Folder>res_mods>

      1. Gandorfo says:

  3. Teo says:

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  4. Jardar says:

    Why cant my adobe reader open this ??!!

  5. kornelka says:

    is not working

  6. rolex says:

    doesn’t work…Don’t download that shit

  7. fandango says:

    didn’t work with 9.19

    1. Fish says:

      Rip this mod, it was convenient while it was supported

  8. Sutra_kama says:

    it is missing the defaul config file. you have to download an default config file and after to install one of the options !!

  9. slune says:

    nefunguje v 9.20

  10. Arti says:

    Who will tell me how to install this mod?

  11. carlos says:

    lo instalo en la carpeta res_mods y no funciona alguin me puede ayudar ¿¿

  12. Nick says:

    what is EFF and what is DIFF what do they mean?

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