The bulbs of 6th sense + voice for WOT 0.9.14.

Here is a new  bulbs of 6th sense with animation and voice  for WOT

Today we want to present an unusual variant of  sixth sense bulbs. Firstly this bulbs will differ from standard that instead of  usual static  bulbs you will see unusual – animation picture. Secondly now mod has integrated sound effect that will help you not to miss your glow. Voice from  film “The X-Files.” Thirdly mod can works with XVM and without it.

There are 3 options in archive:
– Standard bulb of sixth sense with animation
– Animated  bulb in the form of a triangle with an eye in the middle + voice
– Death with a scythe

The authors of the mod are DMX__ + Ekspoint + KasykC

Mod setting!

Setting is made in the configuration file, you can find it here: WOT \ res_mods \ \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod_sixthSense.xml. We recommend to open it with NotePad ++. It can be configured follows:

True – the voice of 6th sense (False – disables voice acting);
False – turn off and turn on of animation;
5.0 –  time of one frame will display on the screen;
LampComp_ – file name of one frame animation without its number and the type file;
/ Xvm / xvm / sixthsense – the path to the sound (the sound takes with XVM)
.dds – format animation files;



How to install:

Folder scripts from archive to WOT / res_mods / /


The bulbs of 6th sense (3 MB)

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