The arty reduction in a blue color for WOT 9.16

Artillery is one of the few developed categories for  World of Tanks. So find something interesting is not so easy. Today, we want to offer a mod that will love by many fans of arty. With this mod you can produce more accurate shots, and random shots will become absent.

Standard option for arty is green and it is not very practical on the green parts of the map. But with this modification, you can replace the standard option on a bright and well-marked – blue. The blue color information will be significantly noticeable in all areas of maps, also at the reload mod will change its color to red. So when will be active and burning battle, you’ll always know  are you ready to hit  enemy or not: red – no, blue – yes.

At the moment, an affordable option for the reduction is a sight Damocles Sword. As soon as there will be others options we offer them at once.


2 (1)

How to install:

WOT / res_mods / 0.9.16 /


The arty reduction in a blue (300 KB)

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