[0.9.22] Texture compression – 6%,12,5%,25%


Friends! We bring to your attention a new compressed texture of 25%, 12.5%, 6%,  for the patch 0.9.22. Compression have been such texture: shared_content, misc, maps, files, cloud, and so on. Author: Kir_Vik

Screenshots compressed textures:














Attention! Textures are not compatible with the hitzones.

How to install:

Copy the exe file in the folder res / packages. Run and wait until the black window will close.


[0.9.22]_SD_6%.rar (20 Mb)
[0.9.22]_SD_12%.rar (70 Mb)
[0.9.22]_SD_25%.rar (260 Mb)

17 thoughts on “[0.9.22] Texture compression – 6%,12,5%,25%”

  1. michael says:

    what can i do if i want only get bushes and trees compressed?

  2. treyla says:

    this was identified as a virus

  3. Israel says:

    0.75 does not work

  4. CountFloyd says:

    12.5% does not work.

  5. none says:

    6% does not work too

  6. Greg says:

    Pls, do for 8.11 patch

  7. siemaktopl says:

    how to install it? (6%, wot 9.5)

  8. danieldolejsi says:


  9. jole says:

    can’t download any thing!!!
    I get error : 400 Bad Request

      1. Seymorg says:

        Get it while its hot! Getting for a friend’s laptop.

  10. sad says:

    These textures from links were made by Kir_Vik not by sergej_g

    1. admin says:

      changed. thx

  11. bobo says:

    There is no setup exe file. Only rar archive with all russian names. It just deleted all files from packages. Waste of time.

  12. dodo says:

    could you please translate those files from russian and tell us what they do?

  13. Hisne Hasin says:

    I found some changes but i found nothing changes with those trees..I did the same thing as you have done..I don’t know why there is no effect on trees. When I take cover behind those bushes and trees the FPS drops from 20 to 7..only bushes, leaves causes low fps…Finally the result is it did not helped me. It is same as before

  14. Wodzinn says:

    Yeah… So.. I run .exe too fast (In main games folder) And this magic command deleted all my stuff (at least 100gb of my games) So, put all files in correct folder before running app

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