[] Cave and Multiple Garages



Wargaming company again delighted us with a new hangar.
Technology hangar for World of Tanks made very colorful and realistic. At this time, your tank will be on one of the platforms tank factories. Hangar came stylish and modern. UPD: 06.06.2017

Hangar list:

Cave Hangar aka Tech Hangar Only 29.04.2017
Tutorial Hangar aka Forest hangar
Town hangar
Standard Hangar
Premium Hangar (without Premium account)
Fury hangar
Summer hangar

More Screenshots:

shot_010 shot_009 shot_008 shot_007 shot_006 shot_005



Download the archive and unpack it here: res_mods/


Technology hangar (95 Mb)

19 Replies to “[] Cave and Multiple Garages”

  1. HEY ! Musicie najpierw wypakować pliki które są w tym pliku, a potem je wrzucić do folderu /res mods !

  2. Hey, please can you update this cool mod for 9.7. Or if not, can some one else take over this mod and update it. I will happily do it for you if you show me how to. 😉

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