[0.9.10] Tanks icons: contour and 3D

Hi everyone,

Acme Tank Icons for World of Tanks version 0.9.10

These icons were created using Tank Icon Maker v045
written by Roman Starkov

More screenshots:




Post-Battle 1: Personal Score


Post-Battle 2: Team Score


Tech Tree


To install,
copy the res_mods directory to your World of Tanks directory, typically

The tank types are color-coded:
LT: Olive
MT: Green
HT: Gray
TD: Blue
SPG: Red

Tier and nationality are shown on each icon.
For premium tanks the Tier number is colored gold (yellow)
For special tanks the Tier number is colored red

Contour icons are used at the pre-battle screen and the in-battle screen.
3D icons are used in the tech tree and in the post-battle screens.

In some screens WoT code writes additional information: tank name and tier

XVM is not required (but won’t cause problems).

You can reach me on the forum: WileECoyote_PhD


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