Mod: Tactical Tablet for WoT 8.6


So today I’d like to share my translation of Radems Tactical Tablet by Radem on the russian forum:

You can devise team tactics for certain maps and share the outcome with the members of your team by simply creating and sharing the code (copy paste).

Your team members are able to view the TT in garage by default and ingame by simply holding CTRL (ok you’ll see the button in the top left cornern at first, but once you click it, TT is open).

Some additional info on using this:

Basic useage:
You select the map you want to strategize in the first place. Use the drop down menu by clicking on the word “Map” or the two arrow buttons to its left and right to swap maps.

Add markers to the map by clicking the “Create” button next to the markers section heading. Play around a bit with settings, like color position type etc. You can also conveniently drag and drop the marker to any place on the map, adjust the view direction (rotation) and have it settle by clicking on the map. You can select if tanks are on your or the enemy team with the checkbox next to “On own team?” of course you can always change the marker later on by clicking on it on the map.

The Team Composition section is for informational purpose on your team. It will not display or count the enemy tanks.

On Mapgrid K0 there is a little brown button, when you click it, you can toggle mapgrid, viewdirections, text and markers on or off to your liking. (Only visible when loading a shared tactic!)

To share your battle tactic with your team mates, you can click on the “Create code to share” button.
You will get a string of mumbo-jumbo in the textfield below the Map. This contains all information you put on that map.

Click your cursor into the field below the map and press CTRL+A for selecting everything. The CTRL+C for copying it to clipboard. Share by pasting the code where you want (clanchat, clanforums, ICQ, Teamspeak, Skype whatever you guys normally use to communicate. The code always starts with = and ends with ¬¬.)

You can save your tactics by putting the code into notepad or similar text editor. Be sure to save and share the code as Unicode not ASCII or else it will corrupt! (We are working on this problem.)

To load a tactic from code, paste the code into the textfield below the Map and click the “Accept” button. If you have another tactic on screen by this time, you will be warned that this one is discarded. (It might be a good idea to click on the “Clear” button next to the textfield to wipe it prior to pasting code into there in case there is anything in the field that does not belong there.)

How to install:

Copy the gui directory from the archive to …/World_of_Tanks/Res_Mods/0.8.6


tp_0.3.3322.10 (3 Mb)

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  1. scott says:

    Please make the tablet for version 8.7 and 8.8, pleaseeeeee

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