We present our system requirements for the game World of Tanks

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: 2 GHz
Video: GeForce 6600GT (128 MB) / ATI analog
Connection rate: 128 Kbps

Maximum system requirements:

CPU: 2 Core 3 GHz
Video: GeForce 9800 (512 MB) / ATI analog
Connection rate: 1024 Kbps or higher (for faster downloads)

18 Replies to “System Requirements”

  1. no way is that the max spec I have above that and it runs like a dog world of tanks failings is that it doesn’t support multi cores.

    1. No! It isn´t fictive tanks, they really existed, but only in a prototype version, they havent figted in WW2, it´s right

  2. Hi, I have a better graphics card, processor, ssd, and internet and it does not work past Low graphics. Could you fix these so that they are more accurate?

    1. I am running intel i7 770
      Nividia geo force Gtx 1060
      16 Gb memory
      Yet can only run medium at 20fps
      Low I can run at 100fps , that’s the latest intel i7 and a good graphics card so it looks like wot has some issues if they think that the specs they state can run maximum cause I can’t even run medium with way better specs

      1. I am running intel i7 6700
        Radeon RX 480 video card 8 GB RAM
        16 Gb memory
        And it s running on max graphic specs with no problems

    and still fps fluctuates from 10 – 90 runin on minimum graphic settings
    CPU: 2 Core 3.1 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Video: GeForce 250GTS (1024 MB) / ATI analog
    HDD: 6 GB

    i used to play on High at the beggining of game 🙁

  4. I got the MSI GTX 750 ti but I can’t even run on medium settings
    I can only run on low settings at 25-50 fps(depends on what map I playing…some map even get lower fps)

  5. “The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b). ”
    why is this hapening after i start the game from a launcher? actually i did not made succesfull start at all from the very first time i tried. my system spec’s are way more higher than min requirements. please drop me a bone how to resolve issue i’v got or just tell me what is wrong ,even if you not sure about your opinion. thank’s

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