[1.6.1] Sword of Damokles by Alastanka v7.25 (adjustable sights)

10Sight for the real lovers of artillery and the casual players. There are angles, the speed of the projectile and other stuff. Try it, do not regret.


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The sight inside the archive is split into 3 parts:
– artillery sight
– arcade / sniper
– angles
Each part of an independent and contains the scripts.


Install all the way to c: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks \


Sword of Damokls(2 MB)

13 thoughts on “[1.6.1] Sword of Damokles by Alastanka v7.25 (adjustable sights)”

  1. Tommy says:

    Too bad it isnt in english, looks nice though :S

    Gj anyway.


  2. yaakov says:

    Please do it also for 8.8 I really like it

  3. yaakov says:

    wow tank you very much

  4. yaakov says:

    it no work in test :[

  5. yaakov says:

    It does not work NA world of tanks

  6. Polar Bear says:

    yuup need’s to be in English fosho!!!!!!

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  8. richard lionheart says:

    nope doesnt work. Put all the files in /res_mods/0.9.0 but ofc the first problem is there are files of the same name from other mods and they overwrite each other. it clearly wants to go in variosu subdir, since the xvm, pyc and swf files fro mother mods are separate.

  9. Arkayn says:

    I would love to use this if it were in English.

  10. Darth_Clicker says:

    any plans to update the mod_sights.pyc file that is causing the ctrl/esc problems?

  11. Uccuneki says:

    How to select the different sights?

  12. Headline200 says:

    how can i choise the sights plz anserw me soon as posible ! ty

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